About Kool Shoos

Sizing Information

Our shoes are made on lasts sourced from the Clarks factory in England….therefore our sizes run a little differently. We will try to explain as easily as possible!!

Our adult shoes are available in narrow and medium width, all sizes. Wide fit in whole sizes only.

Womens sizes : order one size DOWN from regular size, narrow and medium. (Example: If you are normally an American 8 1/2, order our 7 1/2). For wide fit, order next whole size down. (Example: if you are normally an American 8 1/2 OR 9, order our 8 Wide).

Mens sizes:– order half size UP from regular size, narrow and medium. (Example: if you are normally an American 10, order our 10 1/2). For wide fit, order next whole size up. (Example: if you are normally an American 9, order our 10 Wide)

Kids sizes are true to size.
# 6-10 wide fit only…give the littles some wiggle room!!
# 11-2 medium and wide fit available.

Shoe Construction

We buy hides or pre-dyed leathers; (primarily cow hides, bull hides and pig skins, nothing exotic…) cut out the desired pieces; and sew the shoe together.

  • These leathers are permanently colored and very durable. The only painted portion of our shoes is the toe box. The toe portion is painted before the shoe is assembled, while it is still flat.
  • All paints are applied to unfinished leather, which is very porous, and literally sucks up the pigment. Although you can still scuff the toes, (like any shoe) the paint seeps down below the surface, and will not crack.
  • We’ve sprayed every shoe with “Saddle Lac,” which is a clear acrylic sealant used to protect the paint. When your shoes are new, the toe appears shiny due to this protective layer. Over time, this sheen will diminish and that’s when polishing may help keep your shoes looking great. We recommend a clear leather polish, (like “saddle soap”) but ordinary Pledge furniture polish works just fine too. Just spray it on the toe, and then wipe it off.
  • Many people comment on how lightweight our shoes are. For the most part, this can be attributed to the fact that we use synthetic rubber soling. We’ve chosen this material because it is bendable, cushy, and hard-wearing.
  • Because we make every shoe from scratch, we are always available to re-sole, or make repairs.